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Las Vegas and Jagdish Patel

home: Between the 1970s and the mid-1980s, he brought his wife, mother, five sisters and a brother over from India, his native land, according to Toronto Star. In later years, his siblings sponsored family members of their own, and their clan now stretches from Nevada to Florida, New Jersey to Texas more than 90 Americans nurtured on the strength of one ambitious engineer, Jagdish Patel, 72. He landed a job at a nuclear test site, and built a home in Nevada. Jagdish Patel at his home in Las Vegas, Sept. 14. I am so glad that I came to America, Patel said recently, sitting in the custom-designed house he built in Las Vegas, complete with a home theater where he hosts Super Bowl parties and a marble-lined Hindu temple room. Roger Kisby / The New York Times In late June, four generations of Patels assembled for a reunion in Las Vegas, a gathering that included a venture capitalist, a network engineer, physicians, dentists and students. ( As reported in the news.