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Hengdong County: Drug Trafficking and Yang Zanyun

hengdong county: Police identified the suspect as 54-year-old Yang Zanyun from Hengyang's Hengdong county in the largely agricultural province of Hunan, according to Vancouver Courier. Tuesday night's attack happened in a public square where Chinese typically gather to dance in groups or enjoy the cool evening breezes. The Hengyang city government said the suspect in the case had previous convictions for crimes including drug trafficking, theft and assault and, acting alone, had sought to get revenge on society. article continues below Trending Stories It's official Metro Vancouver has the sorriest bus stop in North America Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history Measles warning issued in Vancouver for Skookum, Sky Train, restaurant and more Poll NPA's Ken Sim and independent Kennedy Stewart neck-and-neck in Vancouver mayoral race That appeared to rule out terrorism, although vehicles have previously been used in attacks blamed on militant Muslim separatists from the Uighur ethnic minority group. The SUV apparently appeared without warning, jumping the curb before plowing into the crowd. Occasionally, the attacks are attributed to militant separatists, though such incidents have become less common in recent years amid a stifling security crackdown. China has experienced violent attacks in public places in recent years, including bombings and arson of buses and buildings. ( As reported in the news.