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Gracie Films: Scotiabank Sep

gracie films: Sep 9, 1 15 pm, Scotiabank 14; Sep 11, 4 45 pm, Scotiabank 14; Sep 15, 3 45 pm, Scotiabank 10, according to NOW Magazine. See listing. U.S. 86 min. Rating NNNMovies don't get any more timely than Sawka's first feature, which follows 12-year-old Oscar Anthony Gonzalez as he journeys from Honduras to the U.S. in search of asylum, only to land in an ICE detention facility for minors, where he's just one face among thousands in an indifferent, overburdened immigration system. James L. Brooks's Gracie Films helped Sawka develop the project from a 2016 short, and this version definitely feels more calculated. Gonzalez who voiced the lead in Pixar's Coco is utterly convincing as the scared, confused young hero, and his performance carries the film over some of its more dramatically contrived moments. ( As reported in the news.