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Flores Agreement: States Government and Asylum Cases

flores agreement: The move angered immigrant rights advocates and is all but certain to trigger a court battle, according to CTV. It is sickening to see the United States government looking for ways to jail more children for longer, said Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project. Homeland Security officials said that ending the so-called Flores agreement of 1997 will speed up the handling of asylum cases while also deterring people from illegally crossing the Mexican border. And it's yet another example of the Trump administration's hostility toward immigrants resulting in a policy incompatible with the most basic human values. For decades, because of those restrictions, many parents and children caught trying to slip into the country have been released into the U.S. while their asylum requests wind their way through the courts -- a practice President Donald Trump has decried as catch-and-release. The Flores agreement requires the government to keep children in the least restrictive setting possible and to release them generally after 20 days in detention. ( As reported in the news.