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Extreme-Right Governments: German City and Anti-Immigrant Protesters

extreme-right governments: In the east German city of Chemnitz this week, a seething mob of more than 5,000 anti-immigrant protesters, including neo-Nazis, clashed for two nights with counter-demonstrators shouting Nazis out, leaving several people injured, according to Toronto Star. Right-wing demonstrators light flares Monday in Chemnitz, amid a series of violent protests in the eastern German city. Every week now, the menacing drumbeats of the continent's resurgent far-right forces are getting louder. ODD ANDERSEN / AFP/GETTY IMAGES In Milan on Tuesday, leaders of the extreme-right governments of Italy and Hungary together called on Europe to send all illegal refugees back to Africa and vowed to make next May's European parliamentary elections a defining battle over immigration. That certainly wasn't where the trajectory of Europe's 21st-century journey was supposed to lead. And next weekend in Sweden, in a country known the world over as a beacon of liberal values, a radical-right political party founded by neo-Nazis is expected to obtain record support in that country's election. ( As reported in the news.