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Expulsion Test: Couillard and Legault

expulsion test: Couillard told Legault his expulsion test is making people across the province afraid of you, according to CTV. Quebecers are tired of you giving them lessons, Legault responded. Coalition Avenir Quebec Leader Francois Legault defended his controversial position, telling his opponents, why should someone fail a test if they can take French classes for free While the debate earlier saw Philippe Couillard have to defend his government's cuts to education and health care, the Liberal leader went on the attack on the politically charged immigration issue. Couillard said he would maintain annual immigration levels at about 50,000 people, saying Quebec needs workers due to labour shortages across the province. If they can't pass the test after three years, they will have to leave, Legault said. Legault wants to reduce immigration to the province by 20 per cent year, or by roughly 10,000 people, in order to better integrate them and to ensure there are enough services to help them learn to speak French. ( As reported in the news.