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Elnour: Pearson Airport and Abd

elnour: Sean Ritchie and Natasha Carew snapped a photo with Ruba, 5, and Rafaa, 9, at Pearson airport on June 4 when the girls and their parents, Mohammed Abd Elnour Assgad Ali, arrived in Toronto, according to Toronto Star. SUPPLIED PHOTO Natasha Carew holds a welcome sign at Pearson airport with fellow sponsorship group members to greet the Abd Elnour family in June. The Toronto couple chose to forgo wedding gifts, and instead encouraged their guests to help raise 26,000 to sponsor a refugee family and give them a new life in Canada. From left to right, back row, Andrew Tihal, Magda Hanebach, David Comrie, Assgad Ali, Mohammed Abd Elnour, Andrew McCutchan and Kirsty Strong. SUPPLIED PHOTO After forming a core volunteer group of eight people, including the couple, Carew's mother, co-workers and friends, they were matched with a Sudanese family who had been stuck in limbo in Jordan for almost five years. Front row, from left, Rafaa Abd Elnour and Ruba Abd Elnour. ( As reported in the news.