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Documentary Series: Canadians and Drug Abuse

documentary series: APTN's First Contact, a three-part documentary series, asks what some people really think about Indigenous Canadians, according to CTV. The participants initially respond with stereotypes alcoholism, drug abuse, flop houses and handouts. A new television show is exploring what happens when you bring six outspoken, non-Indigenous Canadians into Indigenous homes and communities. But during the epic 28-day cross-country journey, the group is forced to confront their prejudices head on. Metis executive producer Vanessa Loewen said it was important to find participants that represent what a lot of Canadians think and bring them into situations where they can actually see what it's like to be Indigenous. The series, based on an Australian show of the same name, was developed by Animiki See Digital Productions, Indios Productions and Numan Films -- the former two are Indigenous-run. ( As reported in the news.