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Deportation Agents: Government Custody and Press I

deportation agents: The Florida landscaping worker took the bold step of going to a government office to submit fingerprints and other documents required for immigrants to get their children out of government custody and are now being shared with deportation agents, according to Toronto Star. He was then told that the woman he rents a room from would also need to submit fingerprints, something she refused to do. He has been stymied at every turn. He then sought out friends who are here legally to help him out, to no avail. Richard Drew / The Associated Press I don't know what to do, said Tabora, an immigrant from Honduras who has lived more than a decade in the shadows without being detected. In this Aug. 3 file photo, Honduran Eilyn Carbajal hugs her then-8-year-old son Nahun Eduardo Puerto Pineda, right, after they were reunited at the Cayuga Center, in New York. ( As reported in the news.