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Crafts Mysteries: Squamish Slide and Montreal Gazette

crafts mysteries: So why aren't we doing it Retired Vancouver principal crafts mysteries Meanwhile, a Leger poll conducted for the Montreal Gazette and Montreal Le Devoir suggested the Coalition Avenir Quebec was still leading the Liberal party, but that a large number of voters could still be in play, according to Vancouver Courier. We still see the CAQ in the lead at 35 per cent, they're holding on strong with over 42 per cent of francophone voter intentions in Quebec, said Christian Bourque of Leger. The leaders began scaling back on activities, with their focus turning to Thursday night's highly anticipated French debate.article continues below Trending StoriesA&W's Beyond Meat burger will be back soon Could the Squamish slide happen again Outsourcing chores makes us happier. And they are fully six points ahead of the Liberals at 29 per cent so this would still put Francois Legault, mathematically, in majority territory. The Internet poll of 1,014 voters was conducted between Sept. 7-10. But Bourque said there are also signals the race is tightening up ahead of Oct. 1, including a hike in support for the Parti Quebecois. ( As reported in the news.