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Corruption Scandals: Legault and Couillard

corruption scandals: The Liberals can't defend their record on education and health care, Legault told reporters on Day 27 of the 39-day campaign, according to CTV. Furthermore, the Coalition leader brought back a thus far under-used weapon against Couillard corruption allegations. Following Monday night's English-language debate in which he was attacked for wanting to expel immigrants who fail to pass a values and French-language test, Legault came out hard against Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard. Couillard is trying to run a fear campaign, Legault said south of Montreal. Corruption scandals have dogged Couillard's government since he won the 2014 election, primarily involving alleged misdeeds committed by the previous Liberal government under his predecessor, Jean Charest. He doesn't want to talk about the investigation into corruption in his party. ( As reported in the news.