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Clause Chris: Mpps and Toronto

clause chris: Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau joined 23 other Toronto-area Liberal MPs who urged Ontario MPPs to reject Premier Doug Ford's use of the notwithstanding clause, according to Toronto Star. Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS We believe MPPs elected in Toronto have a responsibility to defend the city, its democratic institutions, and the rights of citizens to a free and fair municipal election. In a statement obtained by the Star, all 25 federal MPs from the city of Toronto called on all provincial MPPs to defeat Ford's legislation tabled Wednesday at Queen's Park, calling the premier's resort to s. 33 the notwithstanding clause never before invoked by Ontario heavy-handed and disrespectful. The people of Toronto deserve nothing less. The correct response to a court decision one disagrees with is to appeal. They quoted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's declaration that the Liberal party will always defend the Charter and said but this is not a partisan issue noting former prime minister Brian Mulroney, premiers and municipal leaders of all political stripes have denounced Ford's triggering of the notwithstanding clause. ( As reported in the news.