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Chong: Toronto and Gordon Chong

chong: Gordon Chong, former city councillor and citizenship judge, posed for a Toronto Star Canada 150 video series, according to Toronto Star. Anne-Marie Jackson / Toronto Star Some 300 people attended the service, including his family, long-time workout buddies, friends from the Chinese and Black communities, volunteers and organizers from charitable organizations, and politicians of all stripes, including Mayor John Tory and former mayor David Crombie. This occurred as a memorial service was being held at the Toronto Central YMCA for Gordon Chong, a political trailblazer and popular civic booster who died on July 13 at age 74, after a long battle with congestive heart failure. They came to remember Chong, who spent decades striving to make Toronto a better place for everyone. Article Continued Below Born to a mother of British ancestry and a father of Chinese ethnicity, Gord was fiercely proud of his heritage, and he became one of the pioneers in electoral politics for the Chinese Canadian community. We can all learn lessons by studying Gord's life, examining how he overcame a difficult early childhood and rose to become an influential, yet understated, community leader, who led by quiet example, not by the angry anti-elite attitudes espoused today by some of today's younger activists. ( As reported in the news.