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Charter Rights: Fringe Parties and Court Decision

charter rights: It didn't stop him from using the notwithstanding clause to continue a petty vendetta against the City of Toronto, to abrogate our charter rights to continue this vendetta, according to Vancouver Courier. Ford invoked the rarely used clause on Wednesday to overrule a court decision and reduce the size of Toronto's city council from 47 councillors to 25. Singh told his caucus during a retreat in Surrey, B.C., that Trudeau's explanation for disavowing the promise was that he was worried a new electoral system might facilitate the rise of far-right, fringe parties.article continues below Trending Stories Microsoft plans to move Vancouver sales officeA&W's Beyond Meat burger will be back soon How to photograph people having sex without it becoming porn Greater Vancouver home prices to drop 21 per cent by 2019 didn't stop Doug Ford from coming into power in Ontario, Singh said, to laughs and applause from NDP members of Parliament. Protesters and most of the Opposition were ejected from a chaotic legislature as Ford reintroduced the council-cutting bill. Conservative Party spokesman Cory Hann confirmed Hamish Marshall will be the party's campaign manager but didn't have an immediate statement on Singh's comments. Singh, a former NDP member of Ontario's legislature, also noted first-past-the-post didn't stop Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer from appointing a former Rebel Media news director as his campaign head. ( As reported in the news.