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Cease-Fire Rouhani: Idlib and President

cease-fire rouhani: While Putin called for the total annihilation of terrorists in Syria, he left open the possibility of a cease-fire, according to Vancouver Courier. Rouhani as well spoke of cleansing the Idlib region of terrorists, while also noting the need of protecting civilians. The trilateral summit in Tehran involving Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan puts further pressure on the rebel forces still operating in Syria's northwestern Idlib province, including about 10,000 hard-core jihadists and al-Qaida-linked fighters.article continues below Trending Stories It left the chance, however slim, for further diplomacy to try to separate civilians and rebels from the Islamic militants in Idlib. Turkey, which backed opposition forces against Syrian President Bashar Assad, fears a military offensive will touch off a flood of refugees and destabilize areas it now holds in Syria. Idlib isn't just important for Syria's future; it is of importance for our national security and for the future of the region, Erdogan said. Ankara also has hundreds of troops manning 12 observation posts in Idlib. ( As reported in the news.