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Caucus Support: Party and Bernier

caucus support: While he has touted having several prominent people behind him, nobody has come forward publicly until now, according to Toronto Star. Maxime Bernier responds to questions after announcing he will leave the Conservative party during a news conference in August. Bernier, who spent much of the last year butting heads with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer over party policy on supply management, announced last month he was leaving the Conservatives to start his own party. While maverick MP Bernier may not have caucus support for his political party, he has attracted an eclectic group of people to his cause. Wekerle says he's impressed by Bernier because he's very true to his word. Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS file photo Former Dragon's Den personality and merchant banker Michael Wekerle, well-known pot activist Marc Emery and former British Columbia Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal all tell The Canadian Press they are backing Bernier's adventure. ( As reported in the news.