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Canadian Support: Cent and Pearson Airport

canadian support: Members of groups who are sponsoring two Syrian refugee families hold up signs welcoming their charges as they wait for the families to arrive at Toronto's Pearson Airport, on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015, according to Toronto Star. A new poll shows 74 per cent of Canadians support taking in refugees. The Pew survey of global attitudes on migration, released Wednesday, pegged Canadian support for refugees at 74 per cent, with 22 per cent opposed and 4 per cent of adult respondents saying they didn't know or refused to say. Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS The views from Canada match similarly strong majorities in many EU countries, according to Pew, where three-quarters or more of adult respondents in Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Netherlands all back taking in refugees from countries where people are fleeing violence and war. Yet three years after a record 1.3 million migrants sought asylum in Europe, including large influxes of people displaced by war in Syria and Iraq, the 2018 Pew survey even found majority support for taking in refugees in Greece and Italy, two of the main entry points during the 2015 migration surge. But Pew's new EU data came with a caveat while strongly supportive of refugees, a significant majority of European adults disapprove of the way the European Union has dealt with the refugee crisis. ( As reported in the news.