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Burmese Generals: Muslim Minority and Genocidal Intent

burmese generals: Reuters journalists Kyaw Soe Oo, left, and Wa Lone, were jailed by Burma for reporting on the massacre of the Rohingya while generals accused by the UN of master-minding the slaughter walk free, according to Toronto Star. Thein Zaw / AP But a Burmese court has jailed two Reuters journalists for doing their jobs by wait for it simply investigating the slaughter of that country's Muslim minority. Six Burmese generals accused last week of genocidal intent against the Rohingya people by members of a United Nations fact-finding panel are walking free today. Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were sentenced to seven years in prison on Monday after a judge found them guilty of illegally possessing government documents. This is a terrible blow for both freedom of expression and the fight against the state violence being inflicted on the Rohingya. Experts, including Canada's special envoy to Burma, Bob Rae, say they were framed by security forces. ( As reported in the news.