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Bmw X: Coupe and Porsche Brand

bmw x: And completely unsurprisingly it's now been spotted undergoing testing at the Nurburgring in Germany, according to CTV. As well as being an obvious threat to the BMW X6, the new Cayenne coupe will also take aim at the Mercedes GLE coupe. One of the latest, and perhaps most eagerly awaited newcomers to the SUV coupe genre, is the upcoming Porsche Cayenne coupe. When BMW first came up with the SUV coupe concept it was met with more than a little derision from some quarters, but buyers have taken to the new segment in considerable numbers and now it seems every manufacturer is getting in on the act. The coupe version will therefore expand the offering, and considering the appeal of the Porsche brand, this is a model that's going to be in considerable demand. The current Cayenne lineup is relatively limited as there's just one body style with a choice of petrol and hybrid powerplants. ( As reported in the news.