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Background Colour: Website and Official Slogan

background colour: Ironically, the website also includes authentic quotations from PQ Leader Jean-Francois Lisee about burkas and from one of his candidates using an offensive term for black people on Twitter, according to CTV. The website,, uses the PQ's logo, and the site's background colour is similar to the party's signature blue. Entering the final weekend before Monday's vote, the PQ went to court to try to shut down a website the party said was using its logo to spread racist messages online. Visitors to the site are invited to type in a message above the party's official slogan, Seriously, and to share the meme they create on social media. One of the examples is a quote Lisee gave to Le Devoir in 2016 when he was running for his party's leadership AK-47s under burqas, it's proven. It also gives visitors examples of messages to type into the program as inspiration. ( As reported in the news.