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Amusement Park: Revenge Plot and Latino Cartel

amusement park: Rating NMovies that harm children to warrant a bloody revenge plot get me pretty worked up, according to NOW Magazine. Do we really need to go there just to find satisfaction when an antihero fillets bad men Peppermint goes a step further. Opens Friday September 7 . See listing. At a time where Donald Trump is calling MS-13 gang members rapists and animals to stoke far and wide immigration fears, the movie's opening act pits a wholesome, hardworking white family against a savage Latino cartel. At an amusement park! On her birthday! While she's holding an ice cream cone! Animals!The culprits giddily laugh as Riley has a public meltdown after a bought justice system lets them off the hook for insufficient evidence. Jennifer Garner's Riley North watches as three gang members murder her husband and young daughter. ( As reported in the news.