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Aid Agency: Palestinian Refugees and Refugee Law

aid agency: Disturbing details of Jared Kushner's supposed Deal of the Century for Israel-Palestine have been leaking for months, so it was no surprise when the Trump administration accused UNRWA Friday of being an irredeemably flawed operation that no longer merited U.S. financial support, according to Rabble. Many see it as a first step to taking the question of Palestinian refugees off the negotiating table. In fact, the Trump administration's decision last week to cease funding to the UN aid agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA demonstrates shocking ignorance of both the Middle East conflict and refugee law. Kushner is on record as asserting that for Mideast peace, the U.S. might have to strategically risk breaking things, and Kushner seems well on his way with such an approach with the Palestinian refugees. Incensed with Trump's Jerusalem decree last winter, the Palestinian leadership hasn't met with senior U.S. officials in six months. But let's be real such an approach is nonsense. ( As reported in the news.