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Vicki Maruyama: Canadian Citizen

vicki maruyama: But that's a far cry from the Canadian citizenship she believes they deserve, she said, according to CTV. They're not Canadian because I'm not Canadian enough apparently, she told CTV News. The two children of Vicki Maruyama a Canadian citizen were able to get into the country last week from Japan under a temporary resident permit. It made me feel horrible. Public anger about the cost of helping 15,000 so-called Canadians of convenience evacuate from Lebanon during a 2006 war started the then-Conservative government working on Bill C-37. I was like, What We live here, I'm from here, I grew up here.' Maruyama's family is another example of how a law designed to stop people from taking advantage of the perks of citizenship seems to be ensnaring people with real ties to Canada. ( As reported in the news.