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Venezuela: Pacaraima and Force

venezuela: Calls to the ministry for details went unanswered, according to CTV. Pacaraima is a major border crossing with Venezuela, where economic and political turmoil has driven tens of thousands to cross into Brazil over the past few years. Government-run news agency Agencia Brasil said Sunday that the Public Security Ministry plans to send at least 60 soldiers of the elite National Force to Pacaraima. Authorities have said that Saturday's violence erupted after a local storeowner was robbed, stabbed and beaten in an assault blamed on four migrants. The army's Humanitarian Logistics Task Force inn Roraima said Sunday that at least 1,200 immigrants fled Pacaraima to escape the violence and returned to Venezuela. Groups of angry residents then roamed the town hurling rocks at the immigrants and setting fire to their belongings. ( As reported in the news.