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Veganism: Needle Diners and Apple Ii

veganism: So are the cringey matching descriptions that needle diners as they choose between a Pina Colada Song Veganism is the love that you looked for, come to veganism and escape exploitation and an Apple II What's more revolutionary than the latest Apple product Veganism . My server, mercifully, does not respond to my request for an IPA with Oh, the Morally Superior I send up a brief and silent prayer of thanks to the Vegan Baby Jesus.I'd be lying if I said I went to Queen and Brock without a pre-existing beef this pun and any subsequent ones fully intended with Vegandale and its subsidiaries, according to NOW Magazine. The company has become the latest addition to a rogues' gallery of villains right up there with real estate agent Nick Brewerton and a smattering of corporate residential landlords seen by locals and activists to be speeding along the hand of change in an area where low-income residents and immigrant communities are being steadily forced out by rising rents. Five minutes into my visit to Vegandale Brewery 1346 Queen West I'm already debating whether to swallow a Principled Pilsner, a See The Light Lager or a Morally Superior IPA. On the menu, tiny type describes the finer points of each pint, but it's dwarfed by a series of leading questions printed in Brutalist all-caps Can you love animals without being vegan No, reads the annotation to the Sour Truth earthy, fruity, acetic . Same goes for the dessert menu from Not Your Mother, a dairy-free soft-serve counter set into the east wall of the brewery, with a funkadelic 70s-style logo the name comes from not your mother, not your milk a popular animal-rights slogan in the era . All the menu names at Not Your Mother are 70s-themed. In recent years, the neighbourhood has become the focus of local debate around condo-ification, affordable housing and food security. NOW featured its star menu item, a veganized Big Mac, on the cover of our vegan and vegetarian dining guide that year. The Vegandale saga began relatively quietly on this contested ground in 2016, with the opening of a spruced-up version of the crunchy Los Angeles eatery Doomie's. ( As reported in the news.