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Vancouver Trucks: Canadian Bank and Toronto Restaurant

vancouver trucks: It's almost impossible to start anything, said Aleid of her family's frustrating experience applying for a loan from a Canadian bank, according to Vancouver Courier. She said the bank didn't give her family a reason for their failed application. But that was far from the biggest financial feat they faced.article continues below Trending Stories Controversial climate change activists stick it to Vancouver trucks and SUVSVancouver High on Life vloggers die in Shannon Falls tragedy Support group targets Vancouver mistresses Downtown Eastside Canada's most famous junkie' comes clean Their Toronto restaurant, Zezafoun, which is now also staffed by a number of part-time employees, nearly didn't come to fruition. In addition to the typical hurdles recent newcomers face such as language and cultural differences, those who want to start a business in their new country face unique challenges, including difficulties securing credit because they lack credit history or collateral. Aleid recognizes refugees without family or personal funds wouldn't have that option. The bank rejected Aleid mother's loan application, so the family found a work around combining their savings and borrowing from family. ( As reported in the news.