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Twitter Followers and Diversity

: For example, on August 12 he chillingly tweeted, Cultural balkanisation brings distrust, social conflict, and potentially violence, as we are seeing everywhere, according to Rabble. It's time we reverse this trend before the situation gets worse. Bernier says the party has 'all but abandoned its core conservative principles.' Bernier has chosen to attack extreme multiculturalism and ever more diversity and has been repeatedly tweeting these views to his 53,600 Twitter followers. More diversity will not be our strength, it will destroy what has made us such a great country. There are suggestions that Bernier left for reasons of ego and sour grapes after having lost to Scheer in a 13th round 51-49 leadership vote in May 2017, and while that's very likely true, that doesn't negate a longer-term plan and a very real threat. Scheer dismissed the criticism of his leadership and said, It's been the Conservative caucus that has been fighting for planned and orderly immigration. ( As reported in the news.