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Triage: Triage System and Asylum Seekers

triage: Since then, Toronto has also seen a spike in refugee hopefuls converging on its homeless shelters and college dormitories, according to National Observer. Both Quebec and Toronto have called on the feds for help. The federal government says it's working with individual municipalities across Ontario and must identify available housing capacity before it can roll out its triage program. ; Ottawa announced the so-called triage system in April following concerns raised by the province of Quebec over an influx of asylum seekers flooding temporary housing facilities in Montreal. Ottawa's response was the promised triage system, which would identify asylum seekers interested in settling in areas outside Montreal or Toronto to await the outcome of their refugee claims. In May, government said it was delayed due to the Ontario provincial election. But the system has not materialized and Ottawa says it is still working on it. ( As reported in the news.