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Thursday Night: Intolerance and Trudeau

thursday night: That intolerance with regard to immigrants doesn't belong in Canada, according to CTV. That intolerance with regard to diversity, you don't belong in Canada, Trudeau said in French Thursday night. Trudeau was speaking at a rally in Sabrevois, Que., when a woman started yelling that she wanted back the 146 million from Quebecers that he's given to illegal immigrants, referring to the amount the Quebec government says asylum seekers have cost since a recent surge in irregular arrivals. Madame, your intolerance doesn't belong here. In a video posted online, Trudeau can be heard telling the woman her racism isn't welcome. The woman then asked Trudeau if he was tolerant toward Quebecois de souche, a reference to Quebecers who can trace their ancestry to the earliest French settlers. ( As reported in the news.