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Supremacy: Tweets and Supremacy Wave

supremacy: These tweets were not the usual fair commentary offered by elected officials on matters of public policy, according to Rabble. No -- there was something a bit more frantic, even desperate about these tweets. According to Bernier, diversity will destroy the cultural identity of Canada, and worse, will result in cultural balkanization that leads to social conflict and even violence. These tweets sounded like the rantings of a wayward politician who, having failed in all of his political endeavours to date, couldn't think of any other way to get attention but to ride the populist white supremacy wave.A combination of deep-seated racism and white superiority, together with Trump-like fear-mongering seems to be the current populist recipe for manufacturing hate and division for the purpose of political gain. If we are to understand Bernier's Sunday night tweet rant better, we have to understand that Bernier is a failed politician. It also seems to reward the instigators with gratuitous attention on social media. ( As reported in the news.