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Security Procedures: Canada and Border Crossings

security procedures: Most participants said they believe immigration has a positive effect on Canada, on the country's economic prospects and on shaping Canada's cultural mosaic, the study found, according to Vancouver Courier. Some respondents, however, expressed doubt about the fairness of the system, considering the influx of people who have been entering Canada at unofficial border crossings since 2017 in order to apply for asylum.A perception exists that so-called irregular migrants are exploiting the system to get express entry into Canada and that security procedures are being compromised as a result, the survey found. The study, conducted in March by the polling firm Ipsos, solicited the opinions of newcomers, established immigrants living in Canada and the general public through a series of focus groups, as well as surveys conducted via telephone and online.article continues below Trending Stories Moving out Vancouver families leave city for better housing options Amanda Tapping on coping with miscarriage Downtown Eastside crack kits working, says health chief Playland increases hours for summertime fun in Vancouver It was commissioned, with a price tag of 245,000, by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada as part of ongoing research to gain a better understanding of the attitudes of Canadians toward immigrants and the federal government's immigration programs. Few had heard of the Safe Third Country Agreement a treaty between Canada and the U.S. that blocks visitors from seeking refugee protection at an official port of entry. Some said the information helped their understanding of the situation but others were unmoved. Those who enter elsewhere are able to apply once on Canadian soil, prompting thousands to make the crossing at unofficial entry points primarily in Quebec.A fact sheet was provided to study participants addressing the myth of asylum seekers as queue-jumpers and explaining more broadly the process for dealing with irregular migrants. ( As reported in the news.