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Refugee Claimants: Border Crossings and Refugee Status

refugee claimants: For the better part of two years, federal Conservatives have been blasting Justin Trudeau's Liberal government for failing to stem the tide of asylum seekers flowing across unofficial border crossings from the United States to make claims for refugee status in Canada, according to The Chronicle Herald. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the situation is now a crisis. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, on CBC's Power and Politics, Aug. 3, 2018. So too does Ontario's new Conservative government, which is calling on Ottawa to pick up the 200-million tab for housing, education and social assistance the province has provided so far to the refugee claimants. It has also given 3 million to Manitoba and 36 million to Quebec, where the bulk of the crossings have occurred. So far, the federal government has provided just 11 million for housing costs. ( As reported in the news.