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Reconciliation Efforts: Weapons Program and Son Ri

reconciliation efforts: The weeklong event, the first of its kind in nearly three years, was arranged as the rival Koreas boost reconciliation efforts amid a diplomatic push to resolve a standoff over North Korea's nuclear weapons program, according to Vancouver Courier. Hugging the woman he'd last seen when he was 4, Ri showed his mother a photo of her late husband, who had stayed behind in North Korea with him after being separated from his wife while fleeing south. How many children do you have Do you have a son Lee Keum-seom asked her son Ri Sang Chol during their long-awaited encounter at the North's Diamond Mountain resort.article continues below Trending Stories Lose the shirt and free the nipple Sunday in Vancouver High blood pressure patients should check their prescriptions for recalled drug Earthview images show smoke from B.C. wildfires is spreading across Canada Unravelling an unprecedented natural disaster why is B.C. burning every summer The emotional reunion came after dozens of elderly South Koreans crossed the heavily fortified border into North Korea to meet temporarily with their relatives. Mother, this is how my father looked, Ri said. Most of the participants in the reunions are in their 70s or older and are eager to see their loved ones once more before they die. Before leaving for North Korea, Lee said she wanted to ask her son how he grew up without his mom and how his father raised him. ( As reported in the news.