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Quebec: Quebec Independence and Shame Canada

quebec: The trolls said that Canada, too, has a bevy of internal issues it needs to resolve, according to National Observer. Saudi Arabia's social media campaign to discredit and shame Canada internationally has been bizarre, writes toulastake particularly its decision to focus on Quebec independence. qcpoli cdnpoli Saudi Arabia humanrights The online retaliatory outburst took a strange turn when bots started tweeting in support of Quebec independence, implying that Saudi Arabia could have interfered with the 1995 Quebec referendum and supported the province's bid to separate, but graciously chose to remain on the sidelines. Attempting to publicly shame Canada for interfering in their internal affairs, an army of Saudi Arabian online accounts started trolling the Canadian government this past Sunday with a batch of insults. Going back 23 years in time to dig up an issue that most Quebecers are no longer that passionate about is probably not the most effective method of penalizing Canada for meddling in Saudi business. ; The Saudi trolls' strategy was lazy and destined to be a bust. This whole saga started on August 2, when, compelled by the recent arrest of Samar Badawi, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland denounced the Saudi Arabian government over their human rights violations via a tweet. If only they had spent a little more time digging, they would have noticed that Quebec voices have been among the most vocal critics of the Saudi regime and unlikely to ally themselves in this type of fight against the Canadian government. ( As reported in the news.