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Policy Scheer: Birth Tourism and Policy

policy scheer: Critics on social media accused the Conservatives of supporting a policy that could lead to stateless children, prompting Scheer to issue a statement late Sunday saying that while the policy did not specifically target ending birth tourism, ending birth tourism will be among the objectives of our policy, according to CTV. Scheer said Conservatives recognize that there are many Canadians who have been born in Canada by parents who have come here to stay and who have contributed greatly. Tories who attended the biennial convention in Halifax passed a new party policy, which is non-binding, that calls for the government to enact legislation to end birthright citizenship in Canada unless one of the parents of the child born in Canada is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. I will not end the core policy that facilitates this. Janet Dench, the executive director of Canadian Council for Refugees, says there is no meaningful data to suggest that birth tourism is an actual problem and that if the measure came into force, the vast majority of people affected would not at all be people who come for birth tourism reasons. Unlike Justin Trudeau, I will safeguard it against abuse, said Scheer. ( As reported in the news.