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Police State: Casino Bet and European Banks

police state: European banks bought this toilet paper because, though everyone knew it was a casino bet, if it kept going up, you made money, according to Rabble. Then the bubble burst and the bailout began. After blowing the biggest bubble ever enticing the guileless with mortgages they couldn't afford, stockbrokers sliced these loans into derivatives that sold like packaged bologna to guileless pension funds, RRSPs, mutual funds, and 401Ks. After one little casino was allowed to symbolically collapse, the American usury houses got a trillion-dollar bailout as the last Bush left the building. Then Canada's proto-fascist prime minister turned Toronto into a police state for the 2010 G20 so he and his cronies could cook up some austerity. There was the briefest period of defibrillation stimulus to shock the economy out of its death rattle. ( As reported in the news.