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Nova Choir: Choir and Karen Burke

nova choir: We want to make a splash in Halifax, Karen Burke, Toronto director and conductor, said Saturday morning, according to CTV. She said the union of the two choirs is significant because there aren't many gospel choirs left in Canada, and both of them have lasted for decades. The Toronto Mass Choir is in Halifax for the first time to perform a Saturday night show with the Nova Scotia Mass Choir, and members from both ensembles gathered on the Halifax waterfront to give onlookers a taste of what they do. Toronto's choir celebrated its 30th anniversary in October, and Nova Scotia's choir isn't far behind at 26. We're celebrating the fact that cultures are together, so it's an inter-provincial, but also a multicultural expression of gospel music, Burke said. Though both choirs began with mostly black members, they now have a mix of people from all sorts of backgrounds, with Burke saying the Toronto choir has members from South Korea, Jamaica, South Africa and India. ( As reported in the news.