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Nfl Players: American Flag and Quasi-Military Personnel

nfl players: As a new season is set to kick off September 6, the National Football League will fine players who refuse to stand for the anthem, according to NOW Magazine. The American public has been conditioned to consider the anthem-singing ritual at sporting events as a demonstration of patriotism. The controversy surrounding whether NFL players should be allowed to kneel to protest the shooting of unarmed Black men by police during the pre-game singing of the U.S. national anthem is raging once again. Hands over their hearts, they will solemnly turn their faces toward the American flag held by military or quasi-military personnel while someone, preferably a celebrity, sings. There were more stanzas to the song recognizing the birth of a nation that expose the cowardice and hypocrisy that lie at its core. Oh say can you see . Francis Scott Key is credited with writing the lyrics in 1814, but only the first stanza of John Stafford Smith's composition makes up the anthem. ( As reported in the news.