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Maxime Bernier: Party and Policy Convention

maxime bernier: But with Maxime Bernier now recruiting members to his own party, while some grassroots Tories continue to push divisive issues into the limelight, concerns have emerged about rifts developing within the Conservative Party of Canada, according to CTV. Party leader Andrew Scheer says he is not worried. The three-day Conservative policy convention in Halifax was anything but boring. People who supported Bernier did so because of the ideas he promoted, Scheer says -- ideas that are largely the ideology and policies of the Conservative party. All those people who are really excited to have a government that prioritizes those things find themselves at home and welcome and a main part of the party as it is now. When you're talking about free enterprise, when you're talking about unleashing the power of the private sector, getting government less involved in managing the economy and leaving that more and more to free enterprise -- those are things our party stands for, he said. ( As reported in the news.