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Marigold Bloom: Inch Worm and Daisy

marigold bloom: There are even classes for garden-related photographs and flower arrangements, as well as baking and preserves, according to The Chronicle Herald. This show is for gardeners of all ages, with special categories for children such as It's Not Easy Being Green,which calls for one hosta leaf;Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer, Do,in which one daisy of any colour is required; and Inch Worm, Inch Worm, Measuring the Marigolds,for which children enter one marigold bloom to be judged on the width of the bloom. You can enter Garden Melodies,the Valley Gardeners Club's 36th annual open horticultural show, if you grow veggies, fruit, flowers, houseplants or outdoor containers. Adults can enter cut flowers in 22 different classes. If veggies and fruit are more your thing, there are classes for all the items commonly found in local gardens, as well as classes for Any Other Vegetable and Any Other Fruitwhere you can show off your more exotic produce. No matter what you grow, if it doesn't fit into one of the specific classes it's bound to be covered by one of the catch-all classes any perennial vine, other perennial flowers and other annual flowers. ( As reported in the news.