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Immigration Documents: Charlottetown Hoteliers and Immigration Fraud

immigration documents: The allegations, which have not been proven in court, come just two months after two Charlottetown hoteliers were charged with aiding in immigration fraud, with the CBSA alleging 566 immigrants used the addresses of the siblings' hotel and home, according to National Observer. The siblings' lawyer recently denied the allegations of misrepresentation in comments to reporters, and said they intend to plead not guilty. Rather, she alleged their immigration documents are collected and sent on to them, at their real address elsewhere in Canada or back in China, she writes. However, the latest allegations, if they lead to charges, would bring the total number of address of convenience cases to about 1,000 in the provincial nominee program PNP with all but a few of these immigrants gaining permanent residency in Canada. They have most of the rights of citizens and can take advantage of social programs, but they can't vote, seek public office, obtain a Canadian passport or hold jobs that require a security clearance. Permanent residents are immigrants who are not Canadian citizens, but they have been given permission to stay and work in Canada for five years before applying for renewal. ( As reported in the news.