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Hussen: Mac Leod

hussen: MacLeod and Hussen seemed to get off to a rough start shortly after the Ontario election when Mac Leod expressed anger over how Hussen characterized the new government's language around those who cross the border between official points of entry, according to CTV. I just feel that it became more of a matter of rhetoric and who's Canadian, who's not; irregular, illegal, Mac Leod told reporters at a press conference in Ottawa. Ontario cabinet minister Lisa Mac Leod says replacing Hussen on the ad hoc intergovernmental task force on irregular migration is a move in the right direction. The words around that became far more important than actually fixing the problem. MacLeod says she's already had a wonderful chat with newly named Border Security Minister Bill Blair, and that they could each understand the other's point of view, rather than the sort of divisive rhetoric that was happening. I do think that the federal government started off on the wrong foot with our new administration with some of the stunts by the minister of immigration, so I'm glad to see that he's been removed. ( As reported in the news.