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Half-Dozen Languages: Video Crew and Summer Afternoon

half-dozen languages: The melding of a half-dozen languages created a soft murmur, the adults smiled at each other, and the 20 or so kids sharing the monkey bars required neither peacekeepers nor translators, according to The Chronicle Herald. The scene made us feel proud of our gritty old city, and I half expected a video crew from the prime minister's team to show up to capture a perfect Canadian multicultural moment footage suitable for use in the Liberal party's 2019 election ads. At the time, we were hanging around the playground and the roller-blading oval with our grandkids, alongside families that hailed from every habitable continent on the globe. Still, I can't quite turn our pleasant summer afternoon into a Hallmark moment. You see, numbers matter when it comes to territory whether a park or a nation or a refugee camp. For while I loved the day, I later wondered how peaceful the playground would have been if 100 kids not 24 had been clamouring to mount the climbing wall. ( As reported in the news.