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Government Relations: Member Association and Gregory Chen

government relations: We do not have information on the cause of death or information that confirms a connection between medical treatment at STFRC and this death, according to Toronto Star. A child holds a sign during a rally outside the El Paso County Detention Center in El Paso, Texas, to protest separating children from adults during detention when they cross the US border without proper papers. AILA has learned that a toddler died soon after release from the Dilley South Texas Family Residential Center, Gregory Chen, director of government relations for the 15,000-member association, said in a statement. Because there is so little information available about the child who reportedly died, it is impossible to say whether that child was among the minors who have been separated. However the agency made clear that no child died while in its care. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP/GETTY IMAGES Chen did not name the child or say when the alleged death occurred, and The Washington Post was unable to independently verify the death.ICE said Wednesday that it could not investigate the situation without the child's name or other information. ( As reported in the news.