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Gottingen Street: Show Business and Forbes Restoration

gottingen street: Perhaps you have never set eyes on the man, who was tall and broad until disease took hold of him, who sported a grey soul patch the first time we met, and who spoke with the sonorous tones of someone who had spent time around show business, according to The Chronicle Herald. But you know his work, whether you realize it or not. So, on Monday, three days after his death, I took the Hallywood tour, which is meant to be done on foot, so that you can move easily up and down the streets of north-end Halifax that Forbes made his own. On Gottingen Street where his heritage carpentry shop, Forbes Restoration, now sits forlornly vacant, but also up on the surrounding streets. Along, as well, Falkland and Cogswell streets where a run of residences, painted in authentic period colours, have, at some point or other, also been Hal-ed. Along Maynard, for example, where a string of wooden, semi-detached houses, built while Queen Victoria sat on the English throne, bear his personal touch, including what one commentator described as well-proportioned windows and robust fascia mouldings. ( As reported in the news.