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Fiscal-Capacity Issues: Party Line and Statements Offer

fiscal-capacity issues: Further, if they do say or post anything remotely controversial, heartfelt apologies are to be immediately made while offending statements are to be removed from public view, even if such statements offer factual truths required to raise public awareness and foment serious discussion of critical health and fiscal-capacity issues, according to The Chronicle Herald. Also, apparently, electoral representation actually means toeing the party line and doing no more than acting as a robotic mouthpiece for the governing party's actions and preferences. First of all, it is now made perfectly clear that any backbencher keen to advance his or her political career must avoid at all costs saying anything that might upset or offend some voters. Are these qualities that citizens want and expect from the people they elect to represent them I expect not. Apparently, suggesting that citizens have duties and responsibilities when it comes to their province's state of affairs is potentially offensive and, as such, not even to be whispered. Rather, citizens would prefer straight-talking representation that doesn't recoil at the prospect of giving offence when sincerely addressing critical public-interest issues such as the impact of escalating health-care costs on the capacity of government to fund schools, highway repairs, social needs and other public services. ( As reported in the news.