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Depression Diagnoses: Climate Change and Prescription Antidepressants

depression diagnoses: Many of us walk around with constant low-grade grief over climate change, along with worry about what wildfires and species extinctions lie ahead, according to Rabble. Statistics are climbing on depression diagnoses, although not necessarily the kind of major depression that causes some people to consider hurting themselves or others. At least, more and more people are taking prescription antidepressants. In Canada, in 2013, reports the Canadian Mental Health Association, an estimated three million Canadians 11.6 per cent aged 18 years or older indicated that they had a mood and/or anxiety disorder, and more than a quarter said they were affected enough to interfere with basic activities. Only one in five had received psychological use has also increased dramatically in all the OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries. Nine in 10 of them 93 per cent were taking antidepressants. ( As reported in the news.