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Cpc-Bernier Schism: Politics Rewind and Identity Racism

cpc-bernier schism: While a deepening rift between Bernier and CPC Leader Andrew Scheer has become apparent over the past year, fresh drama unfolded this week after Bernier issued a series of embittered, racist tweets criticizing Trudeau's extreme multiculturalism and cult of diversity as conspiracies to consolidate government power, and calling immigrants and newcomers threats to Canadian read settler, white identity, according to Rabble. Bernier's racism runs deep. Does the CPC-Bernier schism represent a conservative implosion And if so, how does this bode for Canadian federal politics Let's rewind. Just days earlier, writes Pamela Palmater, he unleashed a string of vitriolic tweets trashing the Liberal government's plan to follow the TRC's recommendations and designate a statutory holiday in commemoration of the structural violence inflicted on Indigenous communities by the residential school system. Read about the national commemorative holiday here. Bernier called the proposed holiday another sick characteristic of extreme PC political correctness and multiculturalism. ( As reported in the news.