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Court Challenges: Practice Standards and Ebrahim Toure

court challenges: We were both counsel in the court challenges that led to the audit, and have also been involved in many of the cases cited in the audit, according to Toronto Star. The auditor's findings thus come as no surprise. It confirms complaints that have been advanced for years by current and former detainees, who brought attention to the issues with a hunger strike by 191 detainees in 2013. Ebrahim Toure has never been charged with a crime but has been held at the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ont. since February 2013. It is also hard to argue against the auditor's recommendations for a shift in institutional culture and the implementation of better practice standards. Anne-Marie Jackson/ Toronto Star / Toronto Star The officials who were involved or complicit in the injustices set out in painstaking detail in the audit should resign. ( As reported in the news.