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Conte: Eu Summit and Unseaworthy Boats

conte: Conte referred to declarations made at an EU summit in late June promising to help Italy and other Mediterranean countries deal with the burden of migrants rescued from human traffickers' unseaworthy boats.article continues below Trending StoriesCTV Vancouver reveals its 'major refresh' as former anchor prepares to give her side of the story Here's what we know about Matthew Navas-Rivas, Vancouver's 12th murder victim of 2018Neptune 5 testing the wave-power waters off Point Grey Want to head into Whistler's backcountry Whistler wants you to be prepared In his role as head of a nearly three-month-old populist coalition government, Conte said Italy under current conditions doesn't consider it possible to express adhesion to a proposed budget that underpins a policy so incoherent on the social level, according to Vancouver Courier. Earlier in the week, some in the government threatened to withhold nearly 20 billion euros 23 billion in contributions to the EU if member nations didn't volunteer to take the last group of rescued migrants reaching Italy. Italy must take note that the 'spirit of solidarity is struggling to translate into concrete acts, Conte said in a statement. Brussels sharply reminded Italy it was legally obliged to pay. Just before Conte announced the drama's resolution, Salvini told party supporters at a rally in northern Italy that a Sicily-based prosecutor, Luigi Patronaggio, had put him under investigation for suspected abduction for refusing to let the migrants disembark. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who leads the anti-migrant League party, refused to let the migrants off the coast guard vessel Diciotti until other EU nations pledged to take the asylum-seekers, most of them young men from Eritrea. ( As reported in the news.